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Badger Lawn Professionals LLC is a full service lawn care company in the Dane County area.  We are a local, owner-operated business in DeForest that is capable of handling small to large size commercial and residential properties.  We use professional commercial equipment to ensure our customers receive the best results possible.  We guarantee our results will not only meet your expectations, but also your budget.   

Why choose us for your lawn applications?
You've heard the ads from that large national company bragging about using granular fertilizer, right?  Well, we use it too!  In fact, we buy products from the same local distributor as they do.  But you know what?  We don't mark our products up as high as they do.  The truth is, they actually request to have a special fertilizer-blend created specifically for them that is actually less quality of a product.  The distributor doesn't even offer this fertilizer blend to ANY of their customers, simply because of the lesser quality.  When you sign up for their so called 4, 5, or even 6 step program, do you even know what's included with those visits?  Didn't think so.  They simply pressure you into it and next thing you know you're writing a check.  They will charge you separate visits for weed control and fertilizer, while we include both in our visits.  Why trust a national company that doesn't care about your specific needs, and only your checkbook.  We will apply a higher quality granular fertilizer, but also we can save you up to 20% or more.  So, give us a try, you won't go back!

Let us enhance your property!
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