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Our Services Include:

Weekly Mowing
We use professional commercial mowers to provide your property with the finest cut possible.  All of our mowers are maintained on a daily basis.  We can provide weekly mowings, as well as one-time mowings. We also offer prepaid discounts when you sign up for a full season of mowing.  Our weekly mowing program consists of mowing, string trimming, and blowing clippings off walks and driveways. 

De-Thatching is a service we provide in the spring time to reduce the thatch layer in your lawn. By reducing this layer, water, air, and other nutrients will be able to reach the soil and provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs for a thick lush lawn.  This is also a great time to over seed the lawn.

Aeration is a service that pulls soil plugs from the ground which helps in reducing compaction and also thatch in the lawn. By reducing compaction, it allows the roots to grow deeper and allow needed nutrients to penetrate the soil much easier. The best time to aerate and over seed is in the fall, but we do offer it in the spring as well.  Any underground irrigation heads and/or invisible dog fences will need to be properly marked prior to service. 

5-Step Granular Fertilizer & Weed Control Program
Our slow-release granular fertilizer is an excellent source of nutrients to feed the lawn and to help keep it lush and green all season.  Our main competitors use liquid fertilizer which only lasts for a couple of weeks. All of our granular fertilizers provide continuous nutrients for 6+ weeks. Our liquid weed control will also be applied to control those unwanted weeds. We only use golf course quality products, and we can eliminate weeds (Creeping Charlie) that other companies can't.  We offer prepaid discounts on our full season programs.
Step 1: Mid April/Mid May - Slow Release Granular Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control (Liquid Weed Control if Applicable) 
Step 2: Mid May/Mid June - Slow Release Granular Fertilizer and Liquid Weed Control (optional grub control)
Step 3: July/Early August - Slow Release Granular Fertilizer, Mid-Summer Lawn Inspection, Spot-Spray Weeds
Step 4: Late August/September - Slow Release Granular Fertilizer and Liquid Weed Control
Step 5: October/November - Slow Release Granular Turf Winterization
We also offer insecticide and grub preventer.

Spring/Fall Clean-up

Leaf removal in the spring and fall is a very important service to your property. Not only does it look nice when finished, but it removes the leaves that are smoothering and suffocating the lawn. We can provide removal on just the lawn, or in the landscape beds as well. Anything that we remove we can also haul away, or if you are on a tighter budget, we can pile it by the street for the city to pick up (Madison residents only). 

Bed Maintenance
We offer chemical spraying of unwanted weeds and grasses that have invaded your landscape beds. We can also apply pre-emergents that prevent any new germination of weeds or grasses in your beds.

Sidewalk Edging
We can mechanically edge the overgrowth of grass that grows over the side of your concrete sidewalks and driveways. We can provide services through out the season, or a one time service.

Lawn Rolling
Discontinued Service

Snow Plowing & Ice Control
The fun doesn't stop with just lawn care. We can provide services through out the entire year. We offer commercial and residential plowing, as well as ice control. We can apply rock salt and also an environmentally friendly salt.

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